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Robins Aviation Pty Ltd

Robins Aviation is a professional aerial application company providing aircraft and crew for the application of agricultural chemicals and fertiliser. Robins Aviation provides these services to farming operations whether they be private, commercial, corporate or government agencies.


Based in northern Victoria and the western Riverina of NSW, Robins Aviation has the ability to travel and work from any suitable airstrip with our aircraft and mobile loading equipment. Our aim is to provide a friendly and hassle free service, whatever your size and scale of operation or requirements.


Jim Robins, the owner and operator of Robins Aviation has over 20 years of experience in the field of aerial application. Jim has an extensive knowledge of the industry and possesses the unique and specialist skills required to operate aircraft in such a demanding environment.


Operating state of the art guidance systems including GPS assisted flow control. Robins Aviation prefer to use Satloc GPS systems for our aircraft application guidance and also use the CP products Carosel Flat Fan aircraft nozzles for our spraying applications. These nozzles are specifically designed for use on aircraft and are cutting edge in nozzle design and performance.


Robins Aviation currently operates an Airtractor 802 and an Airtractor 502, which are both high capacity turbine-powered to cover any job big or small.

Aerial Application has many cost effective benefits over traditional application practices. Aircraft can provide a higher quality application than ground boom sprayers, due to the natural effect of airflow over the wing at application speed. This achieves superior coverage of the product on the target, therefore a better job for you.


In addition to the superior droplet spectrum produced from the aircraft wing, the aeroplane naturally doesn’t drive through the crop. This reduces plant damage to zero when compared with ground rigs that may account for between 5 and up to 10 percent damage to your crop from wheel tracks and knockdown.


Therefore, even before you start crunching the numbers on the economic value of using aircraft you are up 5 to 10 percent in production. This can add up to a significant amount in yield and ultimately net return. In addition to simple crop knockdown from heavy ground-based applicators, the economic benefits of reducing wheel track compaction on your soils is becoming widely accepted within the cropping community.


Give Robins Aviation a call for more information and discover how aerial application can help you get a healthier bottom line.

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